4 Reasons Why a Spousal Sponsorship Application can be Refused

The part of Canadian immigration program which deals with spousal sponsorship has been favorable to many. With the help of this program, many people have helped their spouses in immigrating to Canada without any hassle. However not all of the hundreds of applications that the country receives every year is accepted. Thus, before you decide to fill the spousal sponsorship application form, you should take help from an experienced sponsorship immigration lawyer Toronto.

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Information about the Program

The sponsorship program comes under the purview of the Family Class immigration program. This program receives a sizeable number of applications from all over the world each year. The studies have shown that in 2012 the government has granted 50,000 applications for permanent residence through this category. On other hand, some of the applicants have to wait over 8 years to get permission. Fraudulence is the main reason for this kind of delay, informed the government official. To reduce the number of frauds, the government has decided to watch the couples living together for at least 2 years before granting the spousal sponsorship application.

Thus it will be helpful if you contact an experienced sponsorship immigration lawyer Toronto to know the details about the government’s policies regarding this program. However, if you want to apply yourself, then you should keep in mind the following points.

Were You Sponsored?

Before sponsoring your spouse, consider whether you have been sponsored by another permanent resident of the country. If you have, then you must wait at least for five years before sponsoring your spouse. You can ask a sponsorship immigration lawyer Toronto more details, so that the application gets through the first time.

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Have You Taken Financial Assistance?

Your application will be rejected immediately if you have opted for any loan from the government. The government officials explain that the Canadian Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism department wants the sponsoring person to be stable financially, so that they can take the responsibility of the incoming person. The loan proves the fact that you have been facing financial difficulty yourself and might not be able to provide for the person you are sponsoring. Talk to a sponsorship immigration lawyer Toronto to understand whether your financial condition is alright for the application.

Have You Failed in Supporting Any Person Before?

Your spousal sponsorship application will be rejected immediately if it is proved that you have failed to provide financial support to any person you have sponsored before. This incident explains that you are unreliable. Canadian officials explained that the government does not like to trust anyone who has been proved to be unreliable beforehand.

Have You Defaulted on the Immigration Loan?

If you have defaulted on your immigration loan, then it might pose some problem to your spousal sponsorship application. Being a defaulter, you are considered as financially unreliable to the government. Thus, the government always will suspect whether you have the ability to sustain the financial bearings of both of you. To make your sponsorship application through, you have to prove that there was some real issue behind the loan default. It is advisable to talk to a sponsorship immigration lawyer Toronto so that financial condition can be rightly depicted before the government.

Remember, a well-planned application will increase the chances of your application getting accepted.

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