What are my Workplace Rights and Law: Explained By Toronto Employment Lawyer

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In the past couple of months, there was a number of news popping up regarding the harassment in the workplace. There are several allegations regarding this and many questions arise regarding the actual incident. Since many are not aware as to how the civil laws in the workplace are carried out, the victims of such attacks are not able to find the right solution and compensation for the incident. With toronto employment lawyer the victims of the assault can seek compensation like non-pecuniary damages, claims for income loss and other punitive damages.

There was a case where the employer was accused of an assault of an employee. Once the accused person was convicted for the attack the next question of compensation as part of the damages to the victim was raised. In this case, the non-pecuniary damages which include the loss of something that cannot be valued in terms of money like the embarrassment faced, personal trauma etc were discussed. This particular compensation is hoped to provide some sort of comfort and support for the victim. employment lawyerThere are several factors which will be taken into account in deciding the compensation for non-pecuniary damages.

The circumstance of the event and the victim’s state will be taken into consideration here. Along with this the situation of the person who assaulted along with the incident as to how extreme it was, will all be considered. Along with this the age and the position of the victim as well as the harasser will be looked into. As per the toronto employment lawyer, even the impact of the incident on the psychological condition of the victim will play a major role in deciding the compensation. These factors will vary from one case to another. There are no specific rates assigned to these as the whole incident will be considered to understand the effect of the incident.

For all kinds of attacks on the victims, the civil system along with the toronto employment lawyer will provide the support and the necessary compensation making sure that the victim comes out of the incident with less trauma. The civil system is focused more on the victim and the probable conditions of the attack in comparison to the situations due to which the person who is assaulted committed the said crime. In this particular type of case, the entire hearing will be pushed by the victim itself as opposed to the normal criminal cases which will be forced by the prosecution.

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The people taking the case forward will have to bare the toronto employment lawyer. However, for the victim’s side, most of the legal fees will be awarded by the court itself. This fee will be given as part of the settlement of the case. The cost of the lawyer might not be covered entirely here. But there is the option for the people who are living in particular regions and are victims of such assaults who are given the option of free legal consultation. This consultation will be legal advice of 4 hours, which is provided to take the decisions in an informed manner.


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