What should I do when my Ex sneaky about finances?

I have the number of married clients when I ask them about their spouse earning and family finances then their answer is not promising. This is because due to their spouse doesn’t want to disclose his family business, financing, and personal earnings. According to , most of the times money is the real root of the conflict between spouses. Most of the time spouses avoid respond to the question about family income. The better they feel not comfortable to answer this question. A divorce lawyer not only helps to get separated from each other but also help after finances matter situation. That’s why it’s an always advisable to have divorce doctor.

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The study suggests money and secretive behavior of the husband about his job, business and income are one of the key reasons for preliminary conflict. This preliminary conflict may end in divorce.

After divorce ex avoids paying monthly bills and excuses about his job and earned. At that time it’s very difficult for single moms to manage his expenses. Any time if you come across with this kind of situation never forget to consult with your best divorce lawyer Toronto.

The real question is that how spouse does that. A husband who has good financial conditions also wants to hide his account statement and ledger balance from the wife. It is a kind of financial fraud. They usually practice as follows.

  • Always lie about money matters.
  • Payment under table never discusses with spouses.
  • Husband always hides their time to time perks, bonus, and incentives earning from the wife.
  • It is a smart way to open a firm and deposit all your money there.
  • Invest in the stock market, and mutual funds and never disclosed.
  • Transfer money into other companies and people’s names.

Your ex is not in a position to fraud with the court and the best divorce lawyer Toronto, so you need to have a lawyer to overcome these situations.

If your husband does any of the above suspicious activities then you need to consult a divorce lawyer. Initially, wife only wants financial disclosure from husband and want the best divorce lawyer Toronto to intervene the situation but later it became worst to reach divorce at the end.

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My clients ask what to do if we legally separated and decided to cover monthly bills part ways. Here is the answer.

  • You force to the spouse to disclose his finances.

(You need to force your ex to disclose his finances, time to time. Better ask for electronic proof, rather verbal disclosure. Account Statements, credit card bills and ledger balance etc.)

  • Negotiate over terms

(Ready to negotiate with terms like parenting schedule, minor custody, care, and property sell and division.)

  • Divorce agreement

(Often you need to remind your ex about your divorce agreement and conditions which you promise during the proceeding.)


In order to get best services and support you need to hire well qualified the best divorce lawyer Toronto who bring all your tension on his shoulder and make you feel free from all tensions.

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