Different Types Of Legal Investigation Done By Private Investigators

If someone wants to work as a private investigator and wants to do investigations legally in Ontario, then an individual or business must have a license under the Ontario’s Private Security and Investigative Services Act. You can find the best ones using the internet. If you need to find good Private Investigators in Ottawa search for private investigator Ottawa. It is mandatory for a private investigator to have a private investigation license and then he is legally allowed to do the following type of investigations.

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  1. Search for missing persons 

When a person goes missing whether intentionally or without intention, then a private investigator is hired to look out for them. In most of the cases where a private investigator is hired to look for a person, it is because the missing person owes money or owed money or they are involved in a criminal investigation or many times they are involved in cases of court. Many times private investigators are simply hired because a person is not found. The most common cases of investigation related to a missing person include:

  • A tenant who has left a property, but has not paid his or her dues or a tenant who owes money for causing damage to the property.
  • Contractors who took a contract, but fled away before completing the contract.
  • A person who is under suspicion of doing some criminal activity.
  • A missing family member or a missing old friend.
  • A person whose name is mentioned in a will but he is missing etc.

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  1. Investigations related to child custody 

There are many instances where there is a rift between spouses regarding the custody of their child and access to him or her. In such cases, the court decides with whom the child stays. In these cases, parents hire private investigators to find evidence to prove that the other partner is unfit for custody or is not safe for the child to be in their custody.

  1. Search for missing assets and missing property

In many cases, a private investigator is hired for investigating to find a piece of missing property or missing assets. It includes real estate as well. This usually happens when a divorce proceeding is going on. In such cases, one partner tries to hide assets from his or her partner. This also happens when an ex-spouses attempts to get unpaid child support.

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  1. Checking backgrounds

In a lot of cases, a private investigator is hired to do a background check regarding the character, credibility, integrity or financial status of a particular person. These checks are usually done for verification before giving someone a job or in cases of child custody disputes or when someone wants to have a new business partner etc.

Private Investigators are useful in a lot of matters to resolve disputes. They should make sure that their actions are within municipal, provincial as well as federal law. They should also follow the rules and regulations of the Private Security & Investigative Services Act.

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